Tuesday, 27 March 2012

This Town - Loor a los Heroes


This is a shining example of the timeless quality that the best music has.
Displaying a maturity that is well in advance of their years, this track starts the way it means to go on. Like a fury. With a deceivingly simple and melodic guitar line that bobs and weaves it's way throughout like a prize fighter. The bass and rhythm guitar forge an almost awkward groove which is resolved by some neat drumming to create a perfectly balanced backdrop.

The theme here is frustration. Frustration at both surroundings and circumstance... Handled yet again with the trademark tongue in cheek vocal delivery which makes Loor a los Heroes so appealling. All in all, musically, it pulls no punches as it drives you away from "This Town" and you can almost feel the wind in your hair!

Perfectly crafted, expertly executed, guitar driven lyrical pop. Superb. Genuine class.
Ordinarily I would recommend you go out and buy this track but you don't need to. It's available for FREE download. Now that's a bargain. So... what you waiting for?

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