Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Epic 45s - The Relays

Let me be the first to tell you... Britpop is BACK... And it's back with a vengeance.

Enter The Relays... A 5 piece from Wigan fronted by Adam Redmond, who, incidentally, was the boy on the cover of the Oasis album, Masterplan.

So the track begins and within the first bar you know this is a hit. Bar 5 and your head is nodding. Briefly, I'm back in 1985 reminiscing about The Alarm - but no, this is different. It's smoother, almost laid back. It's being driven by a solid rhythm section, while the vocals float, almost effortlessly over the top. I really like the way the guitar parts play off each other, painting their own picture while the understated energy of the drums carries the weight and provides the backbone to this 3 minute slice of brilliance. Seldom has a title suited a song so perfectly, this is indeed an epic 45...

Yes this is pop music. Britpop music. Welcome back.

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