Thursday, 29 March 2012

Better With Me - The Boobytraps


Kicking off with a solid funky guitar this track drives like a freight train whose sole intention seems to be destroy everything in its path!

What we have here is an uplifting slice of modern psych-pop. This could almost have been recorded in the mid to late 1960's. It has a delicious British garage feel to it. Very similar to The Creation.

The mix of the guitars makes excellent use of the stereo field creating lots of space for the drums and a wickedly driven bass.
Guitar players, take note... This is how you generate power.
The vocals are both urgent and plaintiff with some great harmonies thrown in for good measure.

Picking up the baton that was dropped by a well known Manchester band and giving it a makeover, The Boobytraps deserve to reach a wider audience and, if this track is any indication, I'm sure that will only be a matter of time.

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