Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sarah Carter - In Disguise

Hailing from Northamptonshire, Sarah Carter is quickly making a name for herself on the county's thriving open mic circuit as an accomplished Singer/Songwriter.

Sarah's latest offering, the 3 track E.P "In Disguise" opens with the instantly memorable "Blue". Complete with some well executed guitar that brings to mind the giants of American folk music like Woody Guthrie and the early work of Bob Dylan. The rhythm of the boxcar. Driving... This contrasts perfectly with Sarah's crystal clear vocal which is almost apologetic whilst at the same time supremely confident.

Sarah is an excellent storyteller and proof that there is a lot to be said for straightforward musical structure and well delivered vocal melody. For this is campfire music in the truest American folk music tradition yet it remains uncompromisingly British. With the lyrical wit and wry delivery style very reminiscent of The Beautiful South we are treated to a magical musical soap opera which leaves you wondering what will come next.

The title track "In Disguise" eases in with a slight change of gear with Sarah showing a more direct, semi-aggressive delivery. Almost like a female Billy Bragg. But there are no party political messages here, only the politics of love and a brilliantly understated bittersweet tale. Displaying the lyrical depth and musicality of an artist beyond her years, Sarah yet again proves that the best music is indeed, ageless.

Which brings us to "Jump" the E.P's closing track which is another slice of  mellow folk music, Sarah's voice is at it's hypnotic best as it floats, effortlessly, over the by now trademark well executed musical backing which is now augmented by some tasteful cajon playing.

All three songs flow seemlessly to make for a pleasant listening experience and with a running time of a little over 10 minutes, while totally satisfying, it definitely leaves you wanting more. Special mention must go to Stevie A. Rigsby for his sympathetic production, which showcases the songs on this 3 track E.P. perfectly, allowing them to shine.

So, what's next for Sarah Carter? With the right exposure, she could well be on the brink of a wider audience and she has indeed set the bar high for her contemporaries.

I myself would love to hear Sarah perform with a full band, and in the future who knows, maybe there will be a modern folk-rock revival.

For more information on forthcoming showcases visit her website.

"In Disguise" is available for download now and I can't recommend it highly enough. For £3 it's a bargain.

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